2 Year Giveaway!

Weekly Update Aug 11, 2021

On Friday the 13th August it will be two year's since I started doing a Weekly Update video on YouTube.

I started doing these weekly updates so I could become more familiar with speaking to the camera and also learn more about sound and editing and the likes.  It doesn't feel like two years have passed, it's definitely been a journey and I'm grateful to all of those that have watched, encouraged and supported me throughout this journey.

My 2 year anniversary update is going to be a live one and there is going to be a GIVEAWAY during the live show!

This giveaway is entirely sponsored by myself and is not endorsed by YouTube or Microsoft.  I'll be paying for this prize and shipping to the recipient myself.

The prize that you could win during the show is a Lego Millennium Falcon™ Microfighter.

Millennium Falcon Microfighter
Millennium Falcon Microfighter

To get involved you need to be on the show live and leave a comment.  The show is planned for 2pm UK time on the 13th August.  For other time zones that is:

  • 9am Eastern Time
  • 6am Pacific Time
  • 3pm Central European Summer Time

Set your reminder on YouTube or add this calendar entry to your calendar

I hope I see you there!


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