There are alot of blogs out there and when I am not writing in my own I am often reading what others are posting. I find it not only helps to keep me up to date with what others are doing and new technologies that are being released but it also helps me become a better blogger.

Within this list are a number of my Microsoft colleagues.

Disclaimer: The list is is no particular order

  • The Data Mack - Written by Angus Mack, a Data & AI Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft
  • SQL Tomato - Written by Tom Sykes, a SQL Consultant with Quorum Network Resources
  • SQL of the North - Written by Mike Dobing, a Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft
  • Azure Greg - Written by Gregor Suttie, the Head of Development Services for Sword IT
  • Another Blog on Cloud Data - Written by Tony Smith, a Data Solutions Architect at Microsoft
  • A Data Blog - Written by Craig Porteous, a Data Engineer at Incremental Group
  • CMatskas - Written by Christos Matskas, a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft
  • All About 365 - Written by Steve Goodman, a Principal Tech Strategist at Content and Code
  • Microsoft UC Blog - Written by Martin Boam, a Consultant at Microsoft
  • Pixel Robots - Written by Richard Hooper, a Systems Architect
  • Bindertech - Written by Simon Binder, a Modern Workplace Solution Architect
  • Azure Stack Tips - Written by Kenny Lowe, a Cloud Architect with Pulsant
  • CloudGuy - Written by Stephan Bisser, a Technical Lead for Solvion

As always if you’d like to reach out and speak to me about any of the above please get in touch via Twitter @TechieLass

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