The Avision MiWand 2 Wi-Fi scanner is a hand held scanner that can help you experience the power of a scanner while on the move.  The scanner weights around 250g so is lightweight enough to carry around while on the move without it becoming cumbersome.

This portable scanner can provide scanning at a 1200dpi resolution in 24-bit true colour, whilst saving the images as either a JPEG or PDF to the micro SD card (the scanner ships with a complimentary card).

Coming with a rechargable battery, is cost effective in that department.  It also has a small 1.8 inch LCD display built in which can provide a small preview of what you've scanned.   Given the screen size it can help you determine if your scan has been lined up correctly but cannot help you determine any further detail.

The scanning process is fairly straight forward, after pressing the scan button you just need to start rolling the scan over your document.  I did notice that even though the auto-crop function was enabled the device didn't crop off any of the excess edges so I had to edit the JPEG afterwards on my laptop.

Transferring your scans from the MiWand to your laptop or similar device can be done via the inbuilt Wi-Fi.  Turning the Wi-Fi on the device turns it into a hotspot that you can connect to via the wireless on from your tablet/laptop/etc.  Once you connect your default browser will automatically launch providing you with a website of the scans where you can download a copy.     In order to do this you do need to disconnect from your home/office Wi-Fi connection and then reconnect once you have a copy of the scan so it can be slightly cumbersome, however it a good feature to have if you do not have a micro SD reader available.

As someone that travels quite a bit for work to various office the MiWand will come in handy when I have to scan a copy of my receipts to claim on the work expenses or need to scan documents to send/keep a copy of quickly and easily. So for mobile workers this device would definitely come in handy.

You can purchase a Avision MiWand2L A4 Avision Mobile Hand Scanner - Silver from Amazon UK at the moment for £70.29.

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